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Wishes Email For Newborn Baby

These Sample Emails can be used by you to congratulate new parents on having their baby through Emails and send your prayers along. You can make changes to these wherever needed according to your requirements.

Wishes Email for a Newborn to Your Friend

Hey Ananya,

I hope you are doing great my buddy, you know that I have been waiting for this moment for months and when I got to know about you giving birth this morning I could not contain my happiness. I wish I were there with you and could witness my baby niece taking her first look at the world. I can not explain to you how happy I am Ananya I wish I could express how amazing it is witnessing you and Abhinav becoming parents. I have seen you both and your love over years and remember how we used to talk about our future and how our future would be when we both will get married and our kids will be best friends too. Well we both are living those future talks right now you are a parent now and I am going to get married soon.

I can just imagine how happy you both must be right now by seeing each other as first-time parents. From now you have stepped into a new phase of your life and I am wishing you all the very best and sending a lot of prayers and love your way. Just going to remind you that my niece’s aunt is here always. I will come to visit you guys very soon. Take lots of care, my dear.

Natasha Mishra.

Sample Email for a Newborn to your Sister

Hey Bharti,

My dear sister, I am wishing and hoping you are fine and doing good after giving birth to my cutest nephew. Mum sent me the photos of the cutest baby on this earth that my sister gave birth to. I was crying staring at those pictures and was so proud of you, you are a real fighter. I know you are going to be the best mom to this baby and will love and protect him always. I am so happy for you my sister. It will be a great experience seeing you raising a kid and making him the best man. I am coming to meet you and my nephew very soon. His aunt has done a lot of shopping for him already. I just want to congratulate you and my brother-in-law again on becoming first-time parents and having the cutest baby I have ever seen.

I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope you will do great in this new journey. Take care of my nephew till I come back and hold him in my arms.

Love you loads, take care my dearest.

Shanaya Gill.

Wishes Email for a Newborn Baby to your Brother

Dear Akshay,

Heartiest congratulations on becoming a father my dear brother. I don’t know how to explain this feeling to you being so proud of you right now and thinking how it is so funny to think of my youngest brother as a father already. I know you are a king and you will raise my nephew like one. I am the happiest uncle on this planet right now knowing that I am an uncle to this precious baby and will get to love and play with him very soon as you and Radhika come back home. I know this baby is going to be the luckiest kid having a father like you and an uncle like me. He will have us both whenever he will need a friend and guidance. I can not wait to meet him and hold him in my arms. Take care of your wife and kid and stick with them. If you need any help call me and I will be there.

Again so many good wishes and congratulations your way my bro. Take care of all of yourself.

Your Brother,

Neil Khanna.

Congratulation Messages on the Completion of Graduation

Congratulation Messages on the Completion of Graduation


  1. Accept my heartily congratulations on your graduation.  You have crossed another barrier to success. I wish you to achieve success in every step of your life.
  2. I am writing this message with such a big smile on my face. You deserve to be appreciated on your impeccable energy and utmost dedication. Your achievements are your trophies and wear them always with full pride.
  3. You are a bright, shining star! Congratulations on your graduation. You deserve more achievements like this in your life. You are a true example of hard worker. Your perfect grades show how much of a hard worker you are.
  4. On graduating, I congratulate you on such a great work. You have done an amazing work and your passion in studies truly depicts your strength. You deserve million more trophies like this.
  5. Congratulations on your a big achievement. I am so happy to wish you on your achievement. This is such a proud moment for all of us. Sending you lots of luck and success.
  6. Heartiest congratulations to you on such a big achievement. You have made us all so proud by graduating with gold medal. You are a true gem and genius. We are waiting for you at home to celebrate this success.
  7. Congratulations on your new achievement. You have won our heart by graduating in Computer Science, which is a very hard subject to pass. May the Lord be with you always and bless you even more in your career. Keep shining and continue to be a bright star as you are.
  8. Congratulations on your remarkable achievement. Your Dean letter and your grades show that you have the ability to go a long way and make your name on big forum. Never dull your sparkle and always shine bright like you do.