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Christmas Party Invitation Letter

These sample letters can be used by people to invite Bosses/friends/colleagues/family to their Christmas party and celebrations. These can be modified according to the need and situation. Necessary changes can be done.

Christmas Party  Invitation Letter To Your Friend At Your House

To Arjun Singh,

55 T, Mumbai,

Dear Arjun,

I hope this invitation letter finds you in good health and I hope you are doing great. I am very excited to invite you to my place this Christmas. I was very excited about this Christmas as we get to meet after this long Lockdown Covid put us in. So, I decided to invite all of my school friends to celebrate.

As you know Christmas is awaited so long by us all and we have to make the most out of the holidays we have. I have planned so many activities for the party along with games. My family will be helping with the dinner and it is going to be extravagant and delicious. I took into consideration everyone’s preference for the menu. I have already started with the decor and we are going to have a huge Christmas tree. Please make sure to join so we can have a nice time together.

Let me know beforehand that you are coming will be very pleased, take care.


Arav Jain.

Christmas Party  Invitation Letter To Your Co-Worker To Join For Christmas celebrations

To Rahul Verma,

Street 455,Delhi,

Dear Rahul,

I am very glad to invite you to the party I am organizing for Christmas this year. There are going to be my family and some close friends and I do consider you my pal. We have been working together for more than a decade now and our relationship has evolved with time and you feel like a family. As we have celebrated so many occasions together we can not miss this.

Please bring your family and kids along. I have arranged so many activities for kids they will surely enjoy. Also, we will have Christmas gifts for kids and all. I have hired a catering company to serve us grand dinner. I am hoping for a great night and time together. Kindly make sure you join I will be pleased and honored.


Christmas Party  Invitation Letter To Your Boss To Join For Christmas celebrations

Respected Sir,

SONY Corporation,

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing great with life. I am very excited to invite you to my house this year on 23rd December for the Christmas celebrations. I am hosting this very grand party this year to give back of little joy to my friends and family. Through all these years you have been more than a boss and a friend at the same time, you have been the greatest guide and mentor. You enlightened me with so many growth opportunities. To give back to you a little I want you to come along with your family.

There will be grand decor, dinner, games, and Christmas gifts for all so make sure your kids join so they can have a great time before this year ends. I will be very honored if you bless us with your presence. Kindly make your presence sure so we can have fun together outside the corporate boundaries.

Awaiting eyes.

Samantha Sethi.