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Simple and Lovely Birthday Messages to your Girlfriend.

These Sample birthday messages can be used to send to your girlfriend on her birthday to make her feel special and loved. You can make changes and additions where required. Necessary Changes can be done.

Simple and Sweet Birthday messages to girlfriend

Dear Shreya, piece of my heart and blessing of my life, Happiest of all birthdays. You are a wise and smart woman and I know you will make the most out of this life. I wish you success and happiness. Your man loves you.

Lovely Birthday Message to your Girlfreind

Dear Kajol, my lovely lady, happy birthday. I pray this year be the best you have and we both stay together so that I can plan surprises for you all my life just like the one I have planned today. Love you.

Sweet Birthday Messages to Your Girlfriend

Dear Riya, happy birthday my sunshine. I promise to make your birthday special every year and you feel loved forever just stay by my side. I wish you live a hundred more years happy and healthy. Love you.

Heartfelt Birthday Messages to your GirlFriend

Happiest birthday to the love of my life. My prettiest, you can make everyone feel happy. You have blessed my life and are a gift from God. I will make sure you enjoy your day and feel loved.

Cute Birthday Message to your Girlfriend

To the sweetest and most perfect human alive, happy birthday. You are a true angel and have filled my life with love. You deserve this world and more. May you have so many more birthdays filled with love and blessings. Love you.

Sweet Birthday Message to your Girl friend

My Kiara, happy birthday. I ask God to fulfill all your dreams and keep you the happiest and always protect you when I am not around. You are a piece of my heart. I am sending you your gifts I hope you like them. Love you.

Heartfelt and Lovely Birthday Message Wishes to Your Girlfriend

My love, happiest of all the birthdays. Your man loves you and will always make sure to provide you with whatever you wish for. I have a birthday party planned for you today. Hoping to see your beautiful face tonight. Love you.

Sweet and lovely Birthday Messages to yoour Girlfriend

To the most beautiful girl, I know. Happy birthday, I wish for your life to be as pretty and as happy as you are. Your man will always make sure that you are happy and loved. Thanks for blessing my life with your blessings. Sending you prayers and hugs darling.

Sample Birthday wishes Messages for Friends

These sample birthday messages can be used to wish your friends their birthday and make them feel special with your kind words. You can make modifications where required.

Birthday Wishes Message to your Childhood Bestfriend

Dear Norah, you have been my dearest friend my whole life. your birthday is a special day for me as well. Sending you lots of love and hugs. Happy birthday my sweets.

Sample birthday wishes messages to your Friend

Happy birthday dear Aryan, you have been my all-in-one this whole time from my traveling buddy to my crime partner, to my late-night drive sessions partner. you are a great friend. I hope you have the best day and that you stay happy.

Birthday wishes messages to your childhood bestie

Dear Ananya, happy birthday my sunshine my best friend. You have been my side through thick and thin and I will forever be grateful for you. I hope this year brings happiness and love.

Birthday wishes meassages to your Best Friend

Happy birthday to the most chill, most humble, and most loving human being. You have given me so many great memories. I wish to have a lot more with you. Enjoy your day my friend.

Birthday wishes message to your Friend

Dear Neha, you are such a bundle of love. I remember all the times you made me feel special so I am sending you gifts to make you happy. Happy birthday. I hope you enjoy it.

Birthday wishes messages to your New Friend

Happy birthday, dear Arhan, you are a nice guy and I am happy that we both are friends now and get to enjoy each other’s company. I wish health and happiness for you on this day. Stay blessed.

Birthday wishes messages to youor Childhood best friend

To the best friend of all happy birthday. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, dear Karishma. Your supportive friendship has made me more confident and happy. You are a few of those real people. I hope you have the best of everything my love.

Birthday Wishes Messages to your Work Friend

Dear Rahul, happy birthday. Trust me or not but your presence,  your sarcasm and your light jokes are what get me through my work daily. You are such a happy person I wish you have a long, successful life.

Birthday wishes messages to your School Best Friends

To the most real person I know and to the one who has always encouraged me to do better in my life,  Happiest Birthday. I wish each coming year adds to your blessings and you have the best of this world. Lots of love.

Birthday SMS for your Boyfriend

These Sample birthday messages can be used to send to your boyfriend on his birthday. They can be modified according to your needs where required easily.

Birthday SMS to Boyfriend

My sweetest boy, Happy birthday. You have blessed my life in every possible way. Dating you was the only good decision I have ever made for myself. May you get whatever you wish for.

Cute Birthday SMS to Boyfriend

My man, Happy birthday. I do not have any idea what I would have been doing without you. I can not imagine my life without you now. I wish you all the success and blessings, my love.

Lovely Birthday SMS to Boyfriend

Happy birthday to the gentleman who made me believe that angels like him do exist. You are my only best friend and love. May you have the best birthday my darling and you live a long healthy life.

Birthday SMS to boyfriend

From my best friend to my lover, you have made me fall for you more every day. Happy birthday my love. I wish this year be the one your life decides to bless you and you have the best of everything.

Sweet birthday wish SMS for your boyfriend

Happy birthday to my best decision ever, from the day we got together you have proved to be the best man for me. You are the most adorable human. May you live a long healthy life and this year brings peace and opportunities for you.

Birthday SMS to boyfriend

Happy birthday my love. May this year be the best for you my darling and be nothing but a blessing. I wish to spoil you and give you everything you like, loads of love your way.

Lovely birthday wish SMS for your boyfriend

My adorable human, I feel extremely lucky to be yours and to be able to call such a genuine person like you mine. Happy birthday I wish with your age our relationship grows. Wishing you health and happiness.

Romantic birthday wish SMS for your boyfriend

I wish I could explain to you my sweetheart how lucky I am and how nice are you. Happy birthday to the most handsome and talented boy. I wish this year be the best for both of us and you get your desired life.

Birthday wish SMS for your boyfriend

Happy birthday to the most incredible human. You don’t have any idea how happy you make all of us. Your presence is nothing but joy. I wish God bless you with the best always and you live a happy life.

Sweet birthday wish SMS for your boyfriend

My darling human, Happy birthday I wish you never change and keep on spreading joy and happy vibes wherever you go. You are a dream come true for me. I promise to stay by your side my handsome.

Birthday Wish SMS for your Wife

These sample Birthday SMS can be used to incorporate into your birthday wish texts for your wife to express your love. Additions and modifications can be made easily according to need.

Birthday wish SMS to your wife

My sweetheart, Happy birthday. You are the person who made me believe in love and has given me a beautiful life. I want God to bless you always for the things you do for our marriage. Keep blossoming like this my heart.

Birthday wish SMS to your wife

Happy 26th birthday my wife. You are the only person I trust with myself and my life. You make everyone’s life easier. May this year be very lucky for you and you get happier every day. I will always try my best to make you feel special my darling.

Heartfelt Birthday wish SMS to your wife

On this very special day, I wish God to fulfill all of your wishes and make our love grow every day. Happy birthday to the sweetest most adorable human being. You deserve to be pampered my darling and I am here for it.

Birthday wish SMS to wife

My beautiful and extremely talented wife, Happy Birthday. May you have the best one I can not put into words how special you make me feel and how lucky I feel knowing that you are my life partner. I wish we stay together till death do us apart.

Cute Birthday wish SMS to your wife

My adorable woman, I just want to tell you that I love doing life with you and there is no other way I would have it. My dearest Happy Birthday. I will try to be the wish granter for you all my life to fulfill your every desire.

Sweet birthday message to wife

Happy birthday my life partner. The day you entered my life you changed it completely and made everything about you and I am not mad rather happy at it. You are the kindest soul and I aspire to be as good as you. Loads of love.

Lovely Birthday wish SMS to your wife

My heart, you have taught me how to radiate love and spread it equally to everyone in our lives. This sweet soul who makes my life complete turned 27th and I can not be more proud of the human you have become. Happy birthday my love.

Sweet birthday message to wife

Happy birthday to the love of my life. All these years of being together you have brought me joy, warmth, compassion, and love. I get so happy whenever I look at you my honey. May life brings more success to you always. Your husband will take care of the celebrations every time.