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Leave Application To Attend Seminar

Templates of Leave Application to Attend Seminar are written below.

Template 1: For Students

The Principal,

Brookfield School System.

Sub: Leave Application to Attend Seminar

Respected Sir,

It is stated with the due veneration that I have luckily got a chance to attend a seminar on Robotics tomorrow morning which is organized in Technology Park. For this reason, my presence at classes is not possible. Sir, please grant me leave for tomorrow. I shall be immensely grateful to you.

Yours Obediently,

Kya Russian

Grade 8th

Date: 9/2/16

Template 2: For Professionals

The Manager,

Fredrick’s Association.

Sub: Leave Application to Attend Seminar

Respected Sir,

Please be informed that I have to leave to Cape Town on account of attending seminar based upon marketing techniques organized by the Chamber of Commerce, at an international level. For being a part of such a remarkable event I want to take leave from office. I request you to sanction me leave for a day. I shall be highly beholden

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

Gordon Ramsay

Marketing Officer

Date: 9/2/16

Template 3:

The Vice Principle,

London College of Social Sciences, UK.

Subject:  Application to attend the Seminar

Respected Madam,

With regards, it is stated that I, Miss Zarf, is teaching international relations to students of BS HONS final semester. As you know that University of Foreign Affairs is going to hold a Seminar on “international Relation; How to bring positive change in the world”. Madam, I want to apply for a leave to attend this seminar. Kindly sanction me a leave for one day.

I shall be very gray mercy for the act of this humbleness. My registration papers for this seminar are attached to this application.


Yours Sincerely,

Miss Zarf

Subject Teacher of International Relations

Date: 9.06.2018