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 Article Regarding Need of Peer Group in Classes

 Article Regarding Need of Peer Group in Classes

Children are flowers of Almighty’s lovely garden and man is a biosocial animal. Researches show that were done on monkeys a few decades ago that one monkey was chosen as a test case. At first, he was made to sit with a group of monkeys and then for six months he was separated from that group. The result of that seclusion was recorded and it was found that the monkey had shown signs of abnormality in him.

The same research is true to human being as there is the only difference of two genes in both specie. By peer group, we mean people who are sharing same age, interests, and surroundings. The question arises why a child or an adult in need of peers when he has his family and relatives around? The answer is very clear-cut that the family and relatives don’t sit with him in the class and hence are not aware of the problems he is facing in the class whether of studies or behavior of other subjects existing in the class room’s overall environment.

Peer group has many benefits for a child or even an adult. Few are discussed below:

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Teaches gender roles

Teaches moral values

Teaches manners

Lowers the emotional stress level

There are a few disadvantages of peer group as well. Students learn negative behavior from their peers, they learn to use abusive language, and bullying and aggression become another way of their lifestyle. They use force against force and feels pride in it. Many gangs and parties are formed based on this mentality. Peer pressure is annoying as students wish to get ahead of their friends in academic excellence which can lead to future problems. Healthy competition can turn into negative and bitter antagonism. Peers should be made with much concern and care to avoid any untoward future situation.