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Article on Water Crisis

Article on Water Crisis

The total area of earth is covered with 25 percent land and the rest contains water body. There are two types of water: fresh water, salty water. Salty water is not used for everyday life purposes. Cleaning, diluting, drinking, bathing, cooking, washing and in processing units of almost all the factories fresh water is used.

Due to land pollution, the level of lead and nitrates raises up in the underground water, thus contaminating it. There are many people and areas in the world where the availability of fresh water is not possible even in this modern and so-called advance world.

Human world and other ecological habitats are facing severe water crisis nowadays. The point of no return has come due to extreme carelessness in the usage of water. There are number of people who spend their whole day in search of fresh water, but lay few hands on it. The people who are facilitated of fresh drinking water are taking it for granted and not using it wisely. This attitude needs to be condemned in order to save the future generation from the scarcity of water.

There are number of factors that lead to scarcity of water. First, one has been discussed in detail that is the casual attitude of people regarding it. Second is the water pollution. The waste of factories and homes are drained into the freshwater bodies and polluting it. As a result of which, the amount of fresh water is becoming less day by day. Third reason is the drought. The less amount of rainfall causes water scarcity in desert areas. Fourth is the mismanagement of the government sector. Water is a political game as well. Votes are taken on its behalf and development work is not quick in some remote areas as it should have been.

All these factors contribute in the crisis of water that all living beings are facing. Some reservoirs must be made to preserve water for the future generation.