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Sample Article Menace of Mental Torture

Sample Article Menace of Mental Torture

There are many types of punishments or tortures. Physical or corporal punishment is condemned throughout the world and many laws and policies, rules and regulations are made in the constitutions from time to time. Psychological or mental torture is the worst of all, as far as my opinion is concerned. The physical scar is obvious and can be treated well on time, but the scar on mental or emotional health is irrevocable! It has the capacity to ruin the life of any person at any stage.

Physical punishment is no punishment as compared to mental torture. In any age of human history, if the person whether adult or child is emotionally abused then he can be an easy victim to anxiety, depression, tension, frustration, desperation. If the torture continues then the initial worries and mental troubles changes into havoc of psychotic and neurotic diseases. If the problem is worse the person can be a living dead!

He, then, be able to walk, see, eat, drink, laugh, cry and sleep, but never be able to ‘think’ ‘enjoy’ relax’ and make decisions in his life. The ‘host’ can easily be transformed into a deadly ‘parasite.’ The menace of mental torture are many and each one is worthy of taking a space of full book!

The world became aware of this destruction and it finally was banned in 1948 under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). United Nations plays a key role in drafting the conditions and clauses of this universally accepted law. The law stated the ban on all forms of punishments, but it still existed in the world in some shapes.

There are certain times in the life of human beings when punishment becomes very necessary as to stop the child or adult from going stray in life, in such conditions, light physical punishment must be given, but as a tool of correction. Mental punishments should never be the taste of any human being as these are held accountable in the court of Almighty!


Article of Health Problems Around the World

Article of Health Problems Around the World

By health, we mean physical, ethical, moral and mental health. According to psychology, a person with good mental and physical health is considered as a healthy person.

The problem is we all think physical fitness is health! Is it? The answer is big NO! Mental and emotional health is the key to physical well-being, but the world thinks otherwise. There are number of problems that arose health issues. Few are as follows:

Poor diet:

This is the leading cause of bad health. People do not eat in portions and keep on taking the nutrients of their favorite food. Junk food is mainly eaten around the globe because of its low cost and easy to get facility. Children and adult alike, are facing mood swings, low sugar levels, obesity, and food poisoning. The current condition is alarming and junk food should be replaced with a healthy platter of moderate diet and inclusion of fruit is must eat on daily basis.

Lack of sports/ physical activity:

Young people are not getting time to play and have fun in their lives. Old people too do not prefer walking or morning walk. This leads to laziness and they gain weight that leads to number of health issues and especially heart.


Smog is a new term that affects the overall health of human being. It is caused due to pollution. Noise, air, and land pollution have adverse effects on health.

Negative attitude:

It is said that negativity attracts negativity. If a person’s tendency of thinking and acting is negative then he is bound to trap negative waves from people and the world thus slowing killing himself.

All the factors that lead to health issues must be stopped at right time or the whole world will suffer from it as ‘To whom the bell tolls…. It tolls for thee!’