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Easy Format of Leave Email for Umrah by Student

Easy Format of Leave Email for Umrah

These emails are by students, employees to take a leave from work and school to perform Umrah. Multiple easy formats are here for your convenience.

Easy Format of Leave Email for Umrah by Student

To: Mr. Shakeel Khan


From: Fakhar Noor

Resource Officer

Respected Sir,

I am stating this blissful news with immense pleasure that I am have been blessed to perform Umrah along with my mother and father. I am writing this e-mail to inform you that I received my visa today and I will head towards Saudi Arabia next week. As it is the start of term, there is not much of syllabus covered and mid-terms are two months away. I believe that it is the right time to perform Umrah as there would be no responsibility on my head. Kindly grant me leave for 15 days. I would be grateful to you for this favor.

Your Sincere,


Easy Format of Leave Email for Umrah by Teacher

Respected Section Head,

I am a teacher of class 5th standard in this eminent and prestigious school. I am writing this e-mail to inform you about the news that is the source of ultimate happiness to me. I am very religious and to perform Umrah is one of my dream that is going to turn into reality. I am humbled and excited at the same time about this news. I consider myself very lucky to have this opportunity. Therefore, I need to leave for 21 days from school. I have never taken any extra leave from the school so I am very hopeful to get my annual leaves this time.

Yours Sincerely,



Easy Format of Leave Email for Umrah by Employee

Dear Sir,

I am writing this e-mail to inform you about the very delighting news. I am Jawed Ali and I work in this corporate company for three years now. I work under the management team. It is to bring in your kind notice that I am blessed by God to have this spiritual opportunity to perform Umrah. Umrah is a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, performed by Muslims that can be undertaken at any time of the year. Allah has blessed me to be closer to him and experience this spiritual journey. Therefore, it is my request to you to please grant me leave for 15 days. Thank you.

Warm Regards,


Easy Format of Leave Email for Umrah by Worker

Respected Sir,

I am excited and happy to write this e-mail to inform you about my visa acceptance. I am going to perform Umrah next week with my family. This is a very holy and spiritual moment for me to experience the serenity with this closeness. It is my request to you to please permit me to leave for 21 days. I understand that the condition of work is hectic right now and pressure is high but I have tried to wind up all my duties this week so there would be no tension regarding my work. After coming back from Umrah, I will perform my duties as I do.

Best Regards,


Diversity and Inclusive Teaching Impact

Diversity and Inclusive Teaching Impact

Inclusive teaching is the method of teaching in which students should feel supported and appreciated. His opinions should hold value and freedom of speech is given to the student so he can project his thoughts and ideas easily. There are no confinements when it comes to inclusive teaching. Inclusive teaching is done to engage a diversity of students of different backgrounds, social class, race yet their opinions are mattered the same. It is to acknowledge the difference between students yet giving them a civic platform to participate. This teaching approach enhances the safe zone for students to learn in an open environment. Learning, thinking and teaching can be done easily where their parameters are set before and equal for all students.

Understanding the essence of diversity in the classroom is very significant, accepting to create an environment on campus or class where students from different backgrounds will come and hold different life experiences. Their sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, religion all vary yet this diversity becomes inclusive when they are catered with support and welcome with freedom. There should be an environment in which every student shares their diversified experiences without any hesitation and if this kind of impact is acquired-this is what you call inclusive teaching.

Teachers should train a student to be open to diverse environments so they can be trained for their careers as they will meet a different kind of people from different cultures and opinions at work. Students learning should be based on their diverse perspectives and opinions value. There should be no biasness by teachers and each student should be listened to and respond with the same respect as any other student in the class. If a student is facing any problem regarding their culture or religion, the teacher should call the student and let him talk about it so it can be resolved. There should be inclusive teaching strategies planned so that teachers can learn how to bring equity in the class without differentiation. Teachers should invite guest lecturers from different ethnicity so the student can understand the essence of diversity.

This kind of inclusive teaching methodology will bring positive change for the students. As there had not been a lot of awareness on this matter so people did not have a broad idea about diversity and inclusive teaching. Its implementation will lead students to stand at any workplace without any hesitation and they can give some level of respect to other people regardless of their race, religion, and ethnicity. This kind of environment is free of stereotypes and no student should be prioritized based on their race or ethnicity which would bring equity in the classroom. The inclusive teaching method is coined so every student can feel the right to education and can give back to the society in numerous ways by learning from this kind of environment.

Thank you Speech for Farewell

Here are Easy Formats of Thank you Speech for Farewell. Necessary changes can be done.

Thank you Speech for Farewell

Respected teachers and my fellow friends,

The time has come to bid farewell to the best college. As a head girl, I am very overwhelmed and delighted to have this opportunity to say a few words at the end of my college life. There has been a lot of ups and downs but my teachers have always been there standing firm with me and encouraging me to be the best version of myself. Whatever I have achieved in my college life and what I am today, I owe it to my teachers. My teachers have been so kind and motivating throughout my college life, I believe that I am lucky to be the student of this college who has hired some of the wonderful and amazing teachers. I will miss my friends who have always been there for me when I was too low and disheartened to speak about something bothering me. It would have been a boring college life if my amazing friends weren’t there to make it fun and amusing.

Sample Speech for Farewell

Respected boss and colleagues,

It’s all kind of emotions running in my body right now and I cannot comprehend that person can even feel these many emotions at a time. But the emotion that always takes over all other emotions is sadness. The feeling of leaving the place that has meant home to me is kind of taking a person off guard. You never know until you are actually doing it. Working in this company for 6 years and giving my whole time to pitching new ideas and executing complicated projects just went like a wind. The realization is real that I am going to miss this place so much. My colleagues have been very energetic and fun-loving, who always used to find spooky ideas to make the environment cheerful in office. I am going to miss my hardworking team who have turned some impossible projects into a reality. I will miss each and everyone in my office. Thank you.

Welcome Speech for Chief Guest by the Student at the Academic Award Ceremony

Here are Easy Formats of Welcome Speech. Every Student can use these Format. Necessary changes can be done.

Welcome Speech for Chief Guest by the Student at the Academic Award Ceremony

Respected Chief Guest,

We feel immensely honored to have Mr. Xyz as a chief guest with us today. The man with a distinct vision and numerous capacities with experience and inspiration for all of us. He is a big name in the psychology world as he is a famous psychiatrist. I heartily welcome him with us on today’s academic award ceremony. Every year we have this ceremony in which awards are distributed to the students with great calibers. This school faces all the triumphs and struggles in a compact manner and produce students with not just good marks but good brains too. Our school always had a very competitive environment by which some of the students qualify to win awards. Mr. Chief Guest has been one of the pupils of this school. We all are very eager to know his period of time spent in this school and what he is thankful for in his life now.

Welcome Speech for Chief Guest by the Student at the Academic Award Ceremony

 Respected Guest of Ceremony, I consider it a great honor to welcome Dr. George Hans to our College. He is today’s event special chief guest. His great personality does not require any introduction. He is has made everyone proud of international forums with his detailed publications and research work. His impeccable mindset towards science has opened advanced gateways to nanotechnology, neuroscience and many more. His distinguished personality has always stood out in a group of people. To have him today with us is a great pleasure in itself. We will be very fortunate to listen to his speech and honored to have him distribute awards to our position holders. This academic award ceremony is for our excellent students who have given outstanding performance in the exams and also to the students who came home with trophies after winning national level tournaments. I am really grateful to him for taking his precious time for us from his hectic routine.

Welcome Speech on Annual Sports Day

Here are Easy Formats of Welcome Speech. Every Student can use these Format according to their needs. Necessary changes can be done.

Welcome Speech on Annual Sports Day

Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening!

On behalf of King Marry College, it is my utmost pleasure and privilege to welcome you all on the 4th Annual Sports day. Staying Healthy and fit is as important as having a good academic report. Limiting yourself to studies does not do well to your health and as well as your life, extra-curricular activities are fun and as well as keep you active and punctual. It enhances student’s capabilities and their life skills, the student can play official international tournaments and get the career out of it. Students learn various kinds of abilities from sports as management skills and adapt to discipline in their life. It makes students learn patience in life, as winning or losing is a part of life. Scoring sixes and finding your name on topper’s list is boosting confidence. Professional training has always been provided to our students and it’s a pride for us that they have won several tournaments. Thank you.

Welcome Speech on Sports Day

 Respected Principal and Director of College,

I extend my very warm welcome to all the students and distinguished guests to our fifth Annual Sports Day. Sport is a vital part of human life. It refreshes the mind of a person who uses its brain 24/7. Sports do not just let the person win a race or tournament but taught a person a living lifestyle. Sports teaches management skills and discipline. It increases a person’s confidence level and mental power. Our college has always focused on extra-curricular activities of the students and on annual sports day, several students take a lot of trophies to their home. This isn’t just a sign of achievement but pride for a lifetime. To all the students who do not come forefront and participate in sports are lacking at many skills and missing the biggest adventure of life. In sports, it is guaranteed to find a team like home and friends for a lifetime. It increases your social circle.

Welcome Speech for Science Seminar in College

Here are some Easy Formats of Welcome Speech. Every Student can use these formats according to their need.

Welcome Speech for Science Seminar in College

To All the Students and Participants, AOA

I feel privileged to welcome you all on behalf of the society of Biological sciences to the one-day seminar on antibiotic awareness with the collaboration of the World Health Organization. Each November, World Antibiotic Awareness Week aims to increase global awareness of antibiotic resistance and to encourage best practices among the general public and policymakers to avoid the further emergence of antibiotic resistance. So, with world health organization’s collaboration, the society of biological sciences, has taken a stand against antibiotic resistance and pledges to spread awareness to the masses. So we are going to introduce you to the honorable personality, the mentor, leading the society since its foundation. We feel really privileged to have your supervision and back with us at all times possible. Without you, all this would not have been possible. Please welcome patron of society for some words of wisdom. Thank you.

Welcome SpeechTemplate for Seminar

 My Dear Students and Teachers,

We are pleased to welcome you all to the one-day seminar on breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer is cancer that develops in breast cells. Typically, the cancer forms in either the lobules or the ducts of the breast. There is an increased ratio for women in the US to develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Therefore, it is important to address this disease and aware of the people and students about this. People tend to not highlight theses important issues due to conservative society pressure but we have pledged to aware people about breast cancer and tell them the dos and don’ts of this cancer. We have Doctor Heisenberg with us today who will give us a one-day seminar on awareness of breast cancer and he will lead us to the most reasons for its existence in the first place. I would like to call the patron of society to say some words before it. Thank you.

Sample Welcome Speech for Seminar in College

Here are Easy Formats of Welcome Speech. Every Student can use these formats according to their need.

Sample Welcome Speech for Seminar in College

Respected Principal, Teachers and Students, Good Morning!

I welcome you all with great pleasure in our 12th Annual Art seminar. It is gratifying to consider that the purpose of today’s seminar is “Preserve old Art in Hearts and Canvas”. Art is something that is inexpressible yet expressible. The human race continues to amaze thyself with the great art of humans. The massive heritage and beautiful extracts make it more fascinating. Henri Matisse says “Art takes courage” and it is absolutely true. Expressing your inner self to the world in the shape of art is indeed encouraging. People now express the important controversial topics of society through the basis of art. Art is freedom and within art lies our will to survive in a cold cruel world. For today’s extensive seminar, we have invited our very own artist, Ms. Mumtaz, who has impeccable insight and sees the world in a glorious way. Her art expresses her aim to spread positivity in the world.

Thank You.

Welcome Speech for Seminar

Dear Fellows and Management Staff!

It is my privilege to host you all on this arts seminar today. I extend my very warm welcome to the principal, teachers and our distinguished guests. I wish to take this opportunity and enlighten you all with the great side of the world: art. Art is not considered a very intelligent subject in our society and this is one of the most upsetting things about it. People degrade the art but when they want an escape from their everyday sick routine; they try to find aesthetic, art and entertainment in their life. In today’s seminar, we have a very eminent personality with us, the actress of her era and a golden star. She will talk about the irony of society and how they take art for granted. It is high time that we start to appreciate the children who want to take photography, arts, and paints as their major. We need to normalize the subject art as engineering and medical is.

Thank you.

Welcome Speech for New Employees by Employer

Here are Easy Formats of Welcome Speech. Every Student can use these formats according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Welcome Speech for New Employees by Employer

Dear Gorge and Henry, Congratulations on joining the Mega Fox Company. I warmly welcome you all in the new chapter of your life and wish you the best for your journey in this prestigious Company. We feel immense pleasure to have all the new employees in the office at their designation so this is a small speech for all the new employees. Every year, our Company grows 5x more than the previous year and all the credit goes to the hard-working employees. All employees are determined to make a change in their given sector by their unique work and equal opportunities to everyone is also given. We have more branches in other countries where employees are interlinked with us and the data is exchanged. Before you all start to join your tables, I would like to inform you that the reason for the success of this company is the unitedness of employees with great minds and great inputs. Best Wishes.

Thank you.

Sample Welcome Speech for New Employees

Dear Fellows,

Congratulations on being selected to be a part of this huge Company. We warmly welcome you all to the new journey of your life. Our company logo states “innovative ideas” so as it is the employees of the Company have also entrepreneurship approaches and skills to always come up with unique innovative ideas for the campaigns and projects. Your jobs have different domains so does your responsibilities varies so it is very important for you to be passionate about your work and don’t lose the sparkle in you for the work. We are not any usual company, we are the community of people who are friends and colleagues at the same time. We work, fun, party everything together. Our company gives us major opportunities to grow and be at some different place in a year. We promote peace and prosperity in our company. Work with all the passion in your heart. Have a wonderful day!

Welcome Address for Students by Principal

Here are Easy formats of Welcome Speech. Every Student can use these formats according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Welcome Address for Students by Principal

Dear Students, Good Morning everyone!
As being a Principal of XYZ school, I extend a very warm welcome to all of my students present here on the Sports Day Function. I have always emphasized on the extracurricular activities of the students in the school. My beliefs are not limited to the education of books but it extends to physical fitness and sports as great activity for the children. I am a great advocate for children’s upbringing in the right environment. It is our obligation as a school to motivate our students to participate in sports and explore their talents. It does not just give a boost to an individual’s health but boost to confidence, self-esteem and build their morale high. It gives me massive joy to see my students winning national level tournaments just because of the training we provide in our school system. This sports function’s purpose is to encourage more students to invoke their interest in sports and participate in various kinds of games. Thank you all students for coming and joining us here today.

Thank you.

Welcome Address by School Chairman

Dearest Students,
I am excited to welcome the new batch to the school. I feel privileged to lead such an energetic and intelligent student of this school. We offer different opportunities to the students to grow their self in a safe environment. We have separate societies for students by students to build confidence and for psychological help. Mental illness is not joking to us and that is the reason we have a separate society for the people who are depressed and not feeling well. We don’t want any of our students to feel neglected and that is the reason our school is highly ranked in working on each and every student, individually. We set high standards for our students so they can dream big and achieve the best. Our teachers are very dedicated and friendly. They have full certified training to be a professional teacher. Our aim here is to produce intelligent leaders, artists, and lawyers. Best wishes to my all kids and staff.

Sample Welcome Speech for Workshop Participants

Here are Easy Formats of Welcome Speech. Every Student can use these according to their need. Necessary changes can be done

Sample Welcome Speech for Workshop Participants

Respected Teachers and My Dear Students, Good Evening

It is my honor and privilege to welcome you all on behalf of Bloomfield University on a day IT workshop. Every six month, our department arrange a workshop for teachers and students to learn various soft wares and tools to enhance their skills. Our main motive is to increase the quality of education and analyze the potential skills of these professional workshops mentored by famous public figures. Today we have a very well renowned Mr. Alexander, graduated from Mcgill University, Canada. He has worked in the IT department of the remarkable company in Canada and his work is impeccable in game developing and soft wares developing. We are pleased to announce his presence among us today. He is an IT specialist and his foundations are so strong that his work needs no introduction. He is quite famous in his field for his work. I hope you all have a wonderful experience learning the soft wares and tools from him. To all of you, Thanks a lot for being here!

Sample Welcome Speech for Workshop Members

Good Morning Dear Volunteers,

Thank you all for coming and joining here today. My name is Susan Jacob and it’s my pleasure to host today’s workshop. The main theme of today’s workshop is to how to deal with disabled kids. We have invited a philanthropist and a member of the United Nations. He will highlight the importance of social work in today’s workshop. As you all are selected candidates for the internship at Damvick Home. It is the home to the disable children with various disabilities. Our internship is going to be held for 4-6 weeks and the importance of this internship lies in the core of purpose. We are delighted to have you all on board. It is indeed essential to understand the essence of these workshops. They make you learn the variabilities of the places and the adaptation to the changing environment. Our mission is to bring positivity to the life of disabled children by holding some of the amazing activities. I hope our affiliation will continue in the future and together we will keep bringing smiles on special children.