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Email of Announcing Procedure of Baby Adoption by Lawyers

Adoption means the act of accepting with approval or the favorable reception of people, but when it comes to adoption then it is an agreement made between two parties. Adoption of a child is a sensitive case, so well defined policies proved essential in making the process transparent for further proceedings. This format is written for the parties who wish to announce the procedure of baby adoption.

Sample Email of Announcing Procedure of Baby Adoption by Lawyers

To: oikjh.6543@live.com

CC: Ohgf.7855@live.com,

Subject: Announcement of procedure of baby adoption by lawyers

Greetings! It is to state with due decorum and according to set rules please follow the following steps:

Name of  the child

Date of Birth of the child

Place of Birth of the child

Name and Address of Sacking Parent

An undertaking stating

“ we will be the sole responsible for the upbringing of the child and will be held accountable if anything serious happens to him/her.”

  • Filing of the case for Declaration and Termination Of old Parental Rights.
  • Notices in case of violation.
  • Submission of adoption deed or get hold of recorded agreement of parents with that of the new parents.
  • Final arguments and the decree by the Court of Law
  • Submission of abandonment certificate by the real parents.
  • The demand for legal custody by the adopting parents.
  • Application for CRC Form.

We hope the policies and procedures mentioned above are rightly understood by the concerned persons and will abide by the rules in the near future for any further proceeding. Thanking you in anticipation of a positive response from the other side.

Yours Faithfully,

The Bar Council

26th January 2020