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Baby Adoption Procedure Email by NGO

Baby Adoption Procedure Email by NGO

To: oikjh.6543@live.com

CC: OQF.7855@live.com,

Subject: Announcement of procedure of baby adoption by NGO

Respected Members,

It is duly stated that Emma Sharon and Donald Sharon have requested the adoption of James Berne, a brilliant child of seven years old who has been with us since the age of three years. Therefore mentioned couple is required to file for adoption by filling in the concerned papers. They need to mention their family history, their current home address, and mailing address. In addition, they are bound to mention their monthly income so that we can ensure they will provide a satisfactory life to the child. Keeping in mind the child’s safety and security, any criminal history or report of felony needs to be documented so that we may review our decision depending on the notoriety of the crime.

Finally, the consent of the child needs to be taken on whether he feels comfortable with the people he is going to spend the rest of his life with or not. Denial of the child ultimately leaves the couple with the choice of either withdrawing their request or filing for the adoption of another child. In addition, a suretyship of two people vouching for the couple is obligatory. The insurance form of fifty thousand dollars in the name of the child has to be signed too.

Mr. and Ms. Sharon are also notified beforehand that after the legal process of adoption of the child, James Berne has been completed, the NGO will conduct a monthly survey of their house for a period of one year without specifying the date or day of survey so that we can ascertain that the behavior of the family with the child is not deplorable by any means.

In case the family withdraws its guardianship from the child after a three years period, he will be considered a ward of the state. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. James Berne

26th January 2020