Sample Emails for Everyone:

Ages ago, human beings take their birth and came into existence. They started to live on the earth, ate raw, uncooked food, used leaves as dresses, fought for their protection, this was what they needed at the foremost, but with the passage of time, keeping in view the Bloom’s taxonomy, human wanted to know each other after satisfying their biological needs. They ardently wish to communicate, to know one another, to make ties.

With the passing time, they invented words and learned their meanings and after decoding process started talking to each other. The time, then, came to a more civilized era and parrots or pigeons were used to communicate with the loved ones who are far away from them. The wheel of time again changed and the era of letters came into existence! Greeting cards, formal letters, invitation cards what and what not, in short people learned many ways of communication.

Human history is never ending and resists permanent change, it continuously keeps on changing. Human population spreads far and wide and almost in every nook and corner of the world. The telephonic mean of communication slowly became less popular as it demands time and attention, but after stepping in the 21st Century, man becomes the deficit of time. He consumed himself into work, work and work and took over the qualities of the clock!

He wants speedy, prompt, hassle-free communication and on urgent basis. Need is the mother of invention, is a well-known and well-fit proverb, so E-mail came into being.  E-mail is the short form of Electronic mail, but for convenience, a contracted form of ‘e’ for electronic is used in this modern era. This mode of communication is popular as it takes less time, less energy, less attention and is fast and compatible to the speed of today’s man. In this site, there are a number of different formats for leave applications and is easy to understand for the public.

Enjoy the read!