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It is a common sight that people are reluctant of using English and especially for the communities whose second language is English. It is difficult for them to choose easy words to define their mindset, so we decided to give an ease to our readers online. This is a site specially designed for applications and Short Message Service (SMS) in a very easy to understand English. This site is developed for students, employees, school teachers, and other professionals to meet up their needs of day to day life.

The key features of this site includes:

Official Applications :

including loans, salary, and related issues etc. In this section, formats for formal applications related to all subject matters are included in it. Official application regarding loan, salary, increments, balance sheets, recovery status, security funds, and much more topics will be placed in this area.

Medical Applications :

would cater to this site and any of the medical issue or ailment for everyone: employees, teachers, students. Diseases are a common sight and to avail, leave is good to take complete rest and fight with the disease by facing it with a fully charged body. Under this heading, only the issues and suggestions regarding medical problems are to be entered.

General Applications:

will be given space in this site and by general we mean, issues related to day to day life happenings. In human life, people often get trouble with multiple issues and needs proper guidance and rest depending upon the severity of the disease or the general issue a person is facing.

Official Leave Messages:

are availed and would cater to this site for the benefit of the serving professionals. Sometimes, due to the shortage of time and proper way out, professionals may face problem in writing the proper applications so leave messages or text messages is convenient depending on the nature of the issue. Teachers leave messages will also be given due attention in this newly made site in order to facilitate them in their lives. Teaching is a tough and nerve breaking job, proper time and calculated one is hard to find so short service message or SMS is good for them to seek formal leave from their high ups.

Students Leave Messages :

will be given due space so that they can pay more attention to their studies rather than choosing the right words for right application or message. Finding time from the never-ending studies, exams, researches, and thesis or practical work is a really difficult task to perform. This section is specially made for the well-being of the students and to make their lives a bit better.

General Leave Messages:

will also cater to this site. Any problem to any individual can come and this is the site that can solve and resolve the problems of all concerned persons that they are facing in their lives. Life is unpredictable and so are the topics that are supposed to become a part of this section, so, time to time space and topics will be added in this area and we will try to eliminate the issues of a particular individual as per need.

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