Job Cover Letter for a Patient Care Technician

This package contains three formats of job cover letters for a patient care technician. This is free to use for anyone who wants it. For further queries, please contact us via the comment box or our given email.

Sample Job Cover Letter for a Patient Care Technician

 Dear Mr. Nikhil Gupta

I am writing to you to apply to your hospital for the position of patient care technician. I believe that this is a very exciting and enticing opportunity for me, and I would do really well in the position. Previously, I have been a practicing nurse, and am trained in basic nursing, including but not limited to, injections, epidurals, and taking vitals.
I am a passionate practitioner and am sure that you will find my skills to be up to the mark. I have garnered an experience of over three years and hope to continue learning more in the field of medicine by becoming a care tech.
All my other details are attached to my resume, along with my credentials and my qualifications. I hope you find me to be a satisfactory candidate for the position. If you wish to, please do not hesitate to reach out via email or my cell number. Both of which are given at the top of my resume.
Thank you for your time.

Easy Job Cover Letter for a Patient Care Technician

Dear Miss. Sakura Nakamoto

I am writing to apply for the job opening in your hospital as a patient care technician. I have previously been a nurse and care given, at State Hospital, and the Old Rec Center. During both these instances, I have been employed for more than five years, and have left after garnering enough experience.
When you revise my attached resume, I am sure you will agree that I am one of the right choices for the position. I believe that my degree in food and nutrition along with training in nursing would provide me a good landing for the job that I am about to apply for. I would also be pleased to state that I have always been known as a person with excellent communication skills, and an extremely neutral temper.
If, after reviewing my resume and certificates, you deem me a fit candidate for this position, just know that you will be able to reach me at my email address,, or my cell number, 333-087-562-9927.

Thank you for your time.

Job Cover Letter format for a Patient Care Technician

Dear Mr. Sunil Jain

I am writing to you for the application that is open for the position of patient care technician at Alberta Hospital. It is my understanding that you are asking for an enthusiastic employee with a minimum of three years of experience in the field. I am pleased to say that I am an extremely motivated independent, who has been working in patient care for the last 5 years. I have, often, been considered to be very motivated and driven by my peers, and hope to bring the same drive and enthusiasm to the office with me.
Upon further inspection of my resume and papers, you will find that I have also interned as the doctor’s assistant during my time in med school, and have been to several conventions. I am confident that you will find my skills to be complementary towards the job, and that you will find me to be a skillful and competent worker.
Lastly, I would like to thank you for your kind consideration, and for taking out the time to review my application.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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