Holi Holiday Announcement To Employees

Employees are the backbone and the basic pillars of any company. Wishing them on different and important occasions is an act of kindness and love from the company they work for tirelessly. For wishing and announcing the Holi holidays to your employees you can use these Sample Letters easily by making a few changes where needed.

Sample Holi Holiday Announcement To Employees


All Employees,

Amex clothing,

I hope you all have been doing great and enjoying good health and your work. This email is to announce to our office family the closure of the office from Monday, March 29th till Thursday 1st April on account of             Holi Holidays this year 2021. This occasion is of colors and happiness, with the hope that it fills your hearts and lives with all the happy colors this time. May you all enjoy this colorful occasion with your families and have a great time. Make the best use of your holidays and report back to the office on 2nd April.  

Happy Holi. Enjoy your holidays.



Mr. Kayshap.

Easy Holli Holiday Announcement To Employees


The Employees,

Bling Kids Clothing,

Dear all employees, happy Holi to all of you and your families. In regard to this occasion, we have decided to close the office from March 2nd till March 5th, 2018. We as a family have worked so hard this year and did a great job in supporting this business. All of our employees deserve a big thanks for this. As Holi also demonstrates a new and happy start. We hope that all of you have a nice beginning with this coming spring. Enjoy your holiday and come back to have a Holi Party with our entire team together to make the most out of this happy season and time.

CEO Bling Kids Clothing,

Shweta Mishra.

Holi Holiday Announcement To Employees


The employees,

Hope you all are well and enjoying your work with us. This official email is for bringing to your notice the closure of the office from Thursday, March 21 till Sunday 24th March for the celebration of the most awaited Holi. We know that you all have been waiting for the Holi holidays. This colorful season brings everyone joy and marks the start of spring after a gloomy winter. We hope the same spring to come in all of our lives too. We all have worked so hard to make this company stand on its own feet and start earning profits. This is why we have decided to have an official Holi Dinner with our employees on 2nd April at Zavees restaurant at 7 pm. We will be waiting for all of you to come to join us and have a good time together. Enjoy your Holidays and et the Happy colors shine.

Happy Holi


Birla Groups.

Holi Holiday Notice to Employees


All Employees,

Dr. Reddy`s Labortaries,

Happy Holi to all of our employees and our office family. We know how hard you all have been working and are waiting for the Holi holidays to arrive well this is the exact notification you have been waiting for. It is to inform all of you that the office shall remain closed for 4 days from 4th of March till 7th March. As the spring starts and this colorful season comes we wish for your lives to be filled with all those happy colors you will be playing with this Holi. Enjoy your holidays and report back to the office on 8th march to resume your work. For any urgent query, you can still call on off days.

Happy Holi.


Dr. Reddy`s Laboratries.

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