Business Meeting Letter Format

Often while calling an official meeting you are required to schedule the meeting and make sure of the timing and inform all the probable members about it. In this case, you have to write letters to schedule and plan meetings. These sample letters can help you write your own. You can make changes to these or write your own following these.

Sample Business Meeting Letter Format


All members and shareholders,

Dharma Private Limited,


Subject: Official Notice for the Annual General Meeting year 2021.

Respected Members,

I am writing you this to inform and ensure your presence at the awaited annual general meeting on Tuesday 5th July 2022 sharp at 8 am at the Hills Hotel. The company’s overall budget, investments, and overall performance shall be discussed along with the market trend, proper business activities throughout the year. The company’s financial statements will be discussed and read out to all the members and auditors assigned this year. All the major shareholders of the company are advised to make sure their own or their representative’s attendance at the meeting and in case that’s not possible you are advised to inform the company 15 days prior to the meeting through an official notification. The presence of an auditor is mandatory along with all the members.

Make sure your presence to communicate any matter you would like to with the Board Of Directors. We will be waiting for you all.

Kindly send your attendance notifications till 20th June to let us know about your presence.


The Board Of Directors.

Dharma Pvt Ltd.

Easy Business Meeting Letter Format


The Manager,

Subject: Notification for an Urgent Meeting regarding the Current Project.

Mr. Kaushal,

It is to inform you about the urgent meeting with our clients Jensons and Co. They have called an urgent meeting tomorrow ie

Date:  5th May 2020

Day:  Friday

Time:  3 pm sharp at Fuscin Hotel.

 They are bringing their Investors along and want to discuss the progression and planning of the strategies for completing their project on time and what results they want. I need you and Mr. Vijay to come along as you both are leading the project team together as the Interim fee will be discussed along. I want the minutes of the meetings to be prepared along and distributed among all the team members.

I will be waiting for you two to arrive at the said time with progress reports to date.


Easy Business Meeting Letter Format


Link Auditors,

Mr. Prakash,

Subject: Invitation For Meeting.

Meeting Agenda: To hire your team and sign the official contract.

Mr. Prakash,

I am writing you this to inform you that we have accepted your firm to get our audit done for our financial year 2021 after our initial contact for the hiring of an audit firm. We have informed our previous auditors to leave the office. We need to sign the official agreement with your firm now. For this I want you to come along with your team of auditors to meet me directly. So that the Board Of Directors can take your services. If we sign the contract in this meeting we will share the prepared financial statements on our ends with you and will be welcoming any statements, receipts, and information your team might need to start working on so we get our audit done in a month.

Date: 2nd July 2022

Venue: Nucleus Software Exports, Main office Delhi.

Time: 2 pm sharp.

Minutes of the meeting will be prepared for our teams to catch up on them later if anything goes unnoticed during the meeting. My team and I will be waiting for you.



Nucleus Software Exports.

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