Sample Application for Advance Loan to your Boss

These Sample Applications can be used to ask for an advance against your Salary from your employer. You can add personal reasons and modify these according to your requirements.

Easy Application to your Manager for Loan


Human Resource Management

Tata Motors,

Subject: Advance against Salary Request Application.

Dear Sir,

I am Raj Mishra, your head of accounts manager, I am writing you this to request an advance against my salary this month. I have my sister’s wedding planned for the next month. Most of the preparations are all done already. I have paid for all the big expenses already but I am short of money for a sudden expense that is necessary and was not initially planned but can not be avoided at this stage. It has caused me great trouble. I don’t want my sister’s wedding to suffer so I am requesting a loan of 50,000 against my salary this month. You can deduct  Rs 5000 monthly from my salary for the upcoming months until it sets off.

Kindly, consider my application as I am in a dire need of money. I will be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours Sincerely,

Raj Mishra,

5th November 2020.

Advance against the Salary Application to your Manager


Human Resource Management,

Sony Corporation.

Subject: Loan against Salary Request Application.

Dear Sir,

I am Vijay Kaushal, your marketing department’s supervisor. I am writing you this to inform and request that this month my mother, who is now my only parent left had open-heart surgery, I paid for her medical expenses and surgery from all the savings I had. I am grateful that she survived. It is a very hard time for my family, we all are suffering along with her. I am out of personal expenses this month as I have spent everything on my mother to save her life. My daughter’s school fee is pending and she is warned to get it submitted. In this regard, I wanted a little help from you.

I am requesting an advance against my salary of Rs 50,000. You can deduct Rs 5000 monthly till the advance you are going to give me sets off. I want you to consider my situation and send me the amount as soon as you can so my family doesn’t see any more problems this month.

I will be very thankful if you will consider.

Yours Sincerely,

Vijay Kaushal,

20th June 2021.

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