Letter to Parents for Poor Performance in Some Subjects

These Sample Letters can be used to disclose to your parents about your Poor Performance in your school subjects. You can make changes to these where needed.

Letter to your Father Explaining your Poor Performance


Aakash Singh,

45 West Mumbai,

Dear Dad,

I hope you are in good health and everybody else in the house is doing great too. I am doing great here too at my college. I am now adjusted to this city completely and enjoying my time here too. So, I do not want you guys to worry about my condition here. I guess by now you must have already received my result card through the post from college. I did pretty great in every subject and got 79% marks the only subject that dropped my percentage was mathematics. As you already know mathematics is my weak point since my childhood. I was never good at maths and have always struggled with it. But now this subject is creating hurdles for me to get my desired board result. So, I wanted you to send me Rs 5000 extra this month. I am signing myself up for extra maths classes at a nearby academy. To help me with this problem. I am going to practice more and put more hard work. So that I can make you proud by performing well in my finals. Do not worry about my studies from now on. I am willing to put in all the extra effort.

Take care of mom and Simran. I will be writing you again soon.

Vikash Singh,

Sample Letter to your Father for Poor Performance


Arjun Batra,

XYZ apartments, Mumbai,

Dear Dad,

Hi dad, I hope you are fine and doing great, we all here are fine and doing well too, except for my studies, they are suffering. Mom told me that you were quite upset about my poor performance in my exams, especially in English. As you thought it was my favorite subject but I failed it very badly that affected my overall result too. I know that you and mom both were expecting more from me. I am taking accountability for taking English very lightly, I was sick before my English exam and didn’t even prepare for the minimum thinking I must rest because English is easy I will handle it. But I could not. The exam was very difficult and I went blank while performing. I am ashamed because it is my fault. But you do not need to worry about it from now. I have asked my teacher and he is ready to give me an extra hour for English daily after school. I promise I will try and perform better in my finals. Take care of yourself. Lots of love.

Your Son,

Rahul Batra.

Letter to your Mother Explaining your Poor Performance


Shamita Singh,

Apex apartments, Delhi,

Dearest Mom,

I hope you all are doing great back at home. I am good too. Just trying to cope up with the routine and everything here all alone. But I am enjoying this life too. I just received your letter and got to know about your concern about my poor performance in maths in the recent exams. I know my result in maths is very poor and I am guilty of this. I knew that my math is not that great and I struggle remembering the formulas and everything. Still, I took it very lightly and prepared for my exams just enough and not up to the mark. I was busy doing other chores here and making new friends. But I am thankful that I have realized my mistake very soon and before a huge loss. I have decided to sit in the library after college and study after the classes instead of going out for lunch with classmates that takes most of my time. I have made a timetable for myself and now I am trying to act on it.

I know you are worried about me but, I promise I am going to perform well in my next exams and focus on my studies and quit those friendships that make my actual goal suffer. Till then, take care of everyone at home and give lots of love to Shanaya and dad.

Take care,

Your Son,

Siddarth Singh.

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