Sample formats of Emails for Invitation of Christmas Party

Sample formats of Emails for the Invitation to the Christmas Party are provided below. Various Tempaltseare provided which can be used as per requirement.

Email to Invite for Christmas Party (Colleague)

Greetings of the day.

Dear Sir,

I hope this email finds you in the best of your health.

I want to inform you with pleasure that I have bought a new house last week. I want to cordially invite you to my house-warming cum Christmas party the next weekend. I am inviting you with family, on a prior notice of two weeks so that, you can manage any other plans if you have. I am very delighted to invite you along with other colleagues, to celebrate my happiness. I have always been attending parties at others’ places and it was my dream to host one, the time has finally come. Attached is a formal invitation card with the location of my place. I am all excited to look forward to you. I hope you will definitely join me.

Thank you.



Christmas Party Invitation Email (Friend)

Good Day!

Dear (Insert Name),

Hope that you are energetic as always.

It feels really nice to write to you after such a long time. It’s been a long since we met, I guess approximately two years and I really miss your company. Unfortunately, work-life is dominant these days, and making plans is really hard. Well, the purpose of writing this email is to inform you that, I am hosting a Christmas party this year at my place. I am planning to invite some of our mutual friends as well, but I am writing you first. I am thrilled to invite you so that we can talk and enjoy like old times. It would be a great get-together after ages. Moreover, I understand that it’s a long-distance from your place henceforth, I have made arrangements for a night stay. It’s totally your choice and comfort, but I hope you will like the idea. Bring the kids along, my kids will have good company as well. I am looking forwards to meeting you.



Email for Invitation of Christmas Party (Staff)

This email is an official announcement from the boss.


Dear All,

I hope this email finds you all in the best of your spirits. I am glad to know about the consistency of my hardworking team. You all have proved to be an asset to the organization and to celebrate our success this year, I have decided to throw a Christmas party in which all of you are cordially invited along with your spouses. In this grand event, the administration has decided to announce promotions as well; therefore, making it more exciting. It would be a pleasure if you all join us. The venue details are as follows:

Insert (Venue, Location, Time)

Please be a part of this gathering and help us to make it memorable. Looking forward to seeing you all.



Invitation Email for Christmas Party (Boss)

Dear Sir,

This email serves as an invitation email to a Christmas party which will be hosted by me on insert day/time. I seek your kind presence at my place. I have invited other office staff and everyone is excited to know whether you will join us. Sir, you have never joined us in informal meetings but the staff really wishes to see you there so that we can develop a relationship with you in a more compassionate manner. It encourages the staff to deliver their best, even though we have had many informal meetings but attending this party will make the staff more comfortable with you, which is your prime motto. Sir, last but not least I shall be very happy and it would be a sort of honor for me if you will come to my party. I understand that you might have other plans, therefore I have hosted the party on a different day prior to Christmas. Looking forward to your kind company.

Please find enclosed, the formal invitation letter.


Sincerely yours,


Email for Basic Invitation Template

Dear Concerned Person,

I am cordially inviting you to the Christmas Party at my place on insert day/time. I have arranged this party for the first time and I shall be very happy to see your presence at my place. I am all excited, getting the pre-party nerves. Please join us at (insert venue details).

Looking forward.



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