Sample Valentine’s Email for your Partner.


These easy emails can be used to send to your other halves/partners to wish and propose them. Additions and modifications can be made easily wherever needed.

Sample  Valentine’s Email for your Partner.

Dear Kiara,

For the past 6 months, every day has made me realize how you are changing my life for good. You have transformed me completely into a better version of myself. I still wonder how I am so poised and at ease whenever I am with you. The sweet things you do for everyone and your sweetheart and charming personality have taken over my heart and I am totally in love with you so, I am officially asking you for a date this valentine`s day.

Would you like to be my girlfriend and my love? I have a date planned and I want to confess my love for you on this day of love. Waiting hopefully for your reply sweets.

Your best friend Varun.

Easy Valentine’s Email for your Partner.

My dear love,

Happy valentine’s day my dear man. You have given me my dream love and life. From the day we started living together you don’t know how much you have helped me with my life and my mental health. You are the only person who brings me joy and warms my heart. My heart beats only for you now and there is no space left for anyone in my life. you make me feel so content. You are my only best friend and are always there for me and I thank god for blessing me with you every day.

I wish I could show you what my heart feels about you and how safe I feel in your arms. I trust you for my life. Thanks for being the best person I have ever known. You deserve this world and I want to take you on a date on this day of lovers. You will be my forever valentine honey.

Your girl.

Valentine’s day Email for your girlfriend.

My sweet girl,

My only love and my only valentine. Happy valentine’s day. You are my bundle of joy and I owe you all my love and happiness. I try my best to be a good partner to you and I want to work hard and become a successful man for you so that I can get you whatever you think of. You are a true queen and I want to treat you like one on this day my beautiful lady.

You are the most amazing woman I know. The way you carry yourself and do your life my dear it melts my heart and makes me adore you daily. I am taking you on a date to spend some good time together and treat you good my royalty. I love you.

Kapil Sharma.

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