Email of leave due to Bad Weather

Sample Announcement Email of leave due to Bad Weather



Respected Distinguished Principals!

How are you all? I hope, you all will be fine and receiving my email in the best of health and peace. We are all human, apart from, sect, caste, and age and social strata we belong to. We are flesh and bone, in reality, and we feel pain alike. As we all know, weather conditions are quite critical nowadays and it does affect our lives to the greatest extend.

We are dealing with younger students in our parent and feeder schools, they are at such a tender age that they are unable to cope up or even survive the harsh weather conditions. I know that syllabus is lengthy and there are many more related issues with the academic scenarios of our school systems, but I am stuck on one single point and it is that what will we be doing with the syllabus, sports or things like that if our students are not healthy?

So, keeping in mind the necessary points, we, the board has decided to announce the leaves for ten days or till the weather gets less harsh. Please provide us the feedback on the syllabus completion report for further process. After careful analysis based on the data provided by you, we will decide what to cut and what to keep from the syllabus. We will also try to curtail the co-curricular calendar for activities in order to facilitate the teaching staff as well as the student body.

Kindly forward the announcement detail regarding extension in leaves due to harsh weather conditions to your concerned departments and social platforms, so that no child left unaware of the news and detail us about it, later on. Thanking you all in anticipation. Take care.

Best Regard,

Mr. Chairman,

26th January 2020

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