email format Procedure of baby Adoption in Newspaper

This format of procedure of baby adoption is written for the companies who wish to adopt a child from an NGO.

Sample email format Procedure of baby Adoption in Newspaper



Subject: Announcement of procedure of baby adoption in newspaper

Respected Members,

Greetings! I hope you all will be fine and reading the newspaper as your utmost priority. A newspaper is the greatest mean of getting in touch with the news all around the world.

Coming to the point, we as NGOs, are delighted to announce the procedure for adopting a child from our parent NGOs. Here are the main features:

1-Read the Terms and Conditions, carefully.

2-Fill in the form correctly and completely.

3-Tick the boxes you wish to opt for NEVER put cross in any case, and just leave the unwanted box, vacant.

4-Mention the salary correctly and as proof do provide us with an attested copy of recent salary slip Submission of recent utility bills copies are mandatory now.

5-No law cold now takes back the adopted child from the parent.

6-NGO reserve the right to see the child thrice a year to see what is becoming of him/her just to make sure that he/she is well taken care of.

7-Parents reserve the right to crack the news to the child when he grew up or keep him/her unaware of his real parents for his healthy emotional state.

8-Child must be provided with education and love and care from his/ her parents and friends as well.

We hope that new procedure policies are clear to the concerned persons and will do the same in the future. Thanking you I anticipation.


The Management,

26th January 2020

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