Email for Freezing New Hiring

Hiring is a brilliant way of extending jobs towards the people who are jobless and it is also a great way to hunt new talent from near to far areas, but when the slots for the job are filled and there are no more jobs so, hiring comes to an end and need to freeze the new hiring. This format is for the ones who wish to use it for freezing the hiring in schools.

Sample Announcement Email for Freezing New Hiring



Subject: Announcement by School for freezing new hiring

Valued Principals,

Greetings! How are you all? I hope you all will be satiated in your lovely lives and enjoying the fruits of hard work and justice to its fullest. Jobs, no doubt are important means for earning money and feeding the ones who are not capable enough to get their hands to lie on the sufficient resources to get the required livelihood. Many times, it’s the younger siblings or parents who are dependent upon the others.

It is to state with due respect and honor that I am Mr. Arthur Rend, the Chairman of this prestigious school system. I do understand the needs behind the hiring and always welcome the new talent in my schools, but now due to a shortage of finance and space, I am really sorry, but had to announce the freezing of new hiring in the teaching staff as we have many teachers in reserve now.

Please make it a point to all your concerned media departments not to throw a new advertisement in the newspaper or any of the social media regarding new hiring. Thank you for your time and concern.

Best Regards,

Mr. Arthur Rend

26th January 2020

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