Email by Teacher about Death in Family

Deaths are part and parcel of human life or rather all living beings, plants, animals also die their natural death, but never known to human beings ever, where they mourn, where they get buried! It is we, the human being who is obvious for their all actions. Death is one such action and needs proper time and space for that reason. This format of email is for the ones who need to file an urgent application regarding death leave.

Sample Announcement Email by Teacher about Death in Family



Subject: Announcement by a teacher about death in the family

Respected Principal,

Greetings! Good day! How are you, sir? I hope you will be landing in the swing of joy and mirth and devouring the relish of bounties bestowed upon you by the Almighty. I pray for the eternity of the blessings upon you for the whole of your life. It is to state with much respect and due honor that I am Mr. Adam Bede, the English teacher in your valued school. I am working here for the past 20 years and never took leaves other than the sanctioned casual leaves.

It is to state with much regret that I had lost my mother today! She died of cancer! She was the only source of solace for me and now I am in deepest grief that words cannot explain the pain, the bruises that are eating me up. I cannot feel fit to come to school and do my tasks properly and with dedication. I am in need of a month’s leave on this account. Please sanction me the said leaves and make me feel at ease and relaxed. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Adam Bede

26th January 2020

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