Email by Principal about Death in Family

Deaths are part and parcel of one’s life and can’t be done to evade them. The only thing which can be done is to bow your head and accept the inevitable. Death is such a thing. Leaves are a mandatory thing to perform the religious rituals associated with the deaths. This format is written for the ones who intend to avail leave for the linked rituals of death.

Sample Announcement Email by Principal about Death in Family



Subject: Announcement by the principal about death in the family

Respected Section Heads!

Greetings! How are you all? I hope you all will be fine and satiated in your lives. Life is too short to hate and putting others down, rather it should be consumed in spreading love and care towards other people. I came to learn the philosophy of bubble natured of life when I saw the dead body of my mother right in front of my eyes.

She was alright and went on her usual morning walk in a park near my house. On her arrival, she was badly hit by a car driver who was taking a sharp cut in speed. Speeding is a crime, and it is for the right purpose. It causes the death of people on spot!

I will not be able to continue my office for one month at least. In my absence, the section head of senior wing will see my tasks related to parents, schools, students or clerical management. I hope you will not put my head in shame in my absence. Wishing you a great life ahead and I pray you all to prosper in a befitting manner. Thank you in anticipation for the cooperation.

Best Regards,

26th January 2020

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