Email by Company for Saving Plan in Education

Education is compulsory for every healthy human being because knowledge is power and it gives the power and strength to everyone who gets it. Education is important, but currently, it has become very expensive causing trouble for the mediocre as the fee structure is beyond their reach. Saving plans in education can ease them out of their hand to mouth state. This format is for the companies who wish to accommodate their employees’ tension.

Sample Announcement Email by Company for Saving Plan in Education



Subject: Announcement by the company for saving plan in education

Respected Sir!

Greetings! How are you all? I hope you all will be good and cool as a cucumber in your lives! Be the same ever, but despite my goodwill and touching wood feelings, I had seen a number of parents living a lip off life and moving around with the same dejected feelings and attitude! Why?

After careful analysis and surveying many parents, the management came to know the reasons behind their bad moods and frowns on their foreheads. Apart from other tensions, the major stress in their lives where the fee of their kids. We know its importance and we also know the linked expenses as well.

Keeping in mind the situations, the company is happy to announce the saving plan in connection to education. 40 % of the dues will be paid by the company and the rest will be deducted from your salaries on a monthly basis as it will not make your pocket heavy. Please fill in the forms available with the managers of each department and live a happy tension free life. Thank you.

Best Regards,

The Company,

26th January 2020.

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