Article on Greenhouse Effect

Article on Greenhouse Effect


The greenhouse effect is the problem that has been existing for very long and each year every state tries to pass a resolution to control Climate Change in the United Nations. The greenhouse effect has the capability to end the world sooner and destroy the wildlife. It is the process by which radiation from a planet’s atmosphere warms the planet’s surface. The natural greenhouse effect is important for the sustainability of life on the planet but when these gasses are emitted due to human-derived pollution. It causes a problem.


Svante Arrhenius was the first Swedish scientist who researched and claimed that fossil fuel combustion may result in enhanced global warming. He concluded that human activities are doubling the carbon dioxide concentration which results in an increase in temperature of the earth.

Effective Mechanism:

Greenhouse effect which is warming the Earth’s surface and troposphere are crucial for human life and control on this is very essential. As the fact states that earth warms up in the day and cools down in the night and releases the heat in the form of infrared radiation out of the atmosphere into space. These radiations are absorbed by Greenhouse gasses. When greenhouse gases absorb all these radiations, it makes our earth warm. Although it is considered as natural effect and is required for humans to survive if the ratio of greenhouse gases increases and rises the earth normal temperature it will lead to global warming.

Causes of Greenhouse Effect:

The greenhouse effect has mainly increased due to human activities such as

  • Deforestation
  • Burning of fossil fuels
  • Increase in population
  • Industrial Waste and Landfills
  • Farming

Vehicles release carbon dioxide which is one of the main gas responsible for greenhouse gas emission. Electricity related emissions are also responsible because we generate electricity from coal, which releases a large amount of carbon dioxide in the environment. Cutting of trees and forest. Farmers use nitrous oxide as fertilizer in agriculture, which is responsible for the greenhouse effect. Landfills with garbage produce carbon dioxide and methane which is also heating the earth.


If it is not controlled on time, it can create holes in the ozone layer. The increase in temperature is proved that global warming exists and it is giving signs to control the pollution. The fact that a person cannot go outside the house because of severe heat is not a natural process but the depiction of the involvement of man-made gasses has an effect on the ozone layer which is heating the earth’s surface.  Thermal changes can make the whole animal species go extinct because of a lack of adaptation of animals to the changing temperature and they die because of it. Better results can be achieved when human use less heat and buy energy-efficient products and does not create extra pollution in the environment.

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