Speech on Technology

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Speech on Technology

Dear staff members!

I will start my speech with the words, nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Dear all! The same goes for technology. By technology I mean information technology, communication technology, transport technology, and the list is endless! The thing is that technology itself is not bad at all, but it is up to the user what he or she makes out of it. If it comes in the hands of an evil person then technology is surely the evilest thing, but if it is in the hand of a saint, then miracles do happen!

My dear! Technology is a blessing as it makes our life easier and faster, but it is solely our mistake that we put it the prime importance in our lives. It is just part of life, not the whole life, so use it for fulfilling life purposes. Thank you.

Speech on Technology is a blessing by the Student

Respected Teachers, judges, and my dear fellows! A very warm good morning to you!

The topic which is given to me for speaking out my mind is technology is a blessing.

Technology is a gift no matter old or modern. It is good as far as it is our slave, but the moment it turns into a master, it creates havoc then!

Dear audience! Do not let your soul be mastered by machines as we, as humans are far better and more intelligent than these mere pieces of iron and steel! Be yourself all the time, and surround yourself with people who are spiritually alive and are yours, but not with gadgets and laptops or music tools. Learn contentment over modernism and technology has the ability to teach us so.

I will conclude my speech with the quote that ‘technology is a boon, but not the almighty. Thank you.

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