Farewell Speech for a Boss by the Chairman

Here are the Easy Formats of Farewell Speech for a Boss. Every Employee can use these Formats according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Farewell Speech for a Boss by the Chairman:

Dear staff members and my very own respected Sir David Morrison!

Ah! What a sad day had knocked the door of happiness, but for whosoever comes, has to leave the place, the role, the situation and the character he or she is playing. I am here on behalf of my company to say some words for our boss Mr. David Morrison, who is retiring and is leaving as soon as he has come of age. Sir, we are truly sad and are feeling heaviness in the heart on your departure. There are good times that we have spent together and there were many challenging tasks that would not be possible without your inclusion in it. You are blessed with true leadership qualities and we owe you a great deal of respect for your dedication and fidelity. We have arranged a surprise party for you and there is also something special for you.

Farewell Speech for a Boss by the Staff:

Respected Mr. Shackle Tony!

How are you, sir? I hope you will be fine at your place and would definitely feeling happy you are getting a good deal of happy retired time! Sir, we are happy for your happiness, but we are truly sad as well on your departure. We have shared a number of good or bad experiences and cater to those situations with accuracy and concern. On the behalf of the staff, I would like to share unanimous views and feelings of ours with you, sir, you have made us into a team, you geared us, you steered us towards the right move and guided us through thick and thin. The skills that you have taught us will stay with us forever. Please proceed to the conference room for refreshment and receive a small token of love from us. We love you, sir!

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