Graduation Ceremony Speech

Here are the Easy Formats of Graduation Ceremony Speech. Every Student can use these formats according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Graduation Ceremony Speech

Respected Principal, teachers and my dear fellows! A very warm good evening to you. I hope you will be fine in the closets of someone’s heart! How are you all? I m a David Ron and a few minutes before, I was honored with a degree of graduation and prized with 1st position! Wow! It’s a hilarious day for me and its just the dream that has come true. I am really happy and elated while holding my degree and wearing the cap on my head! I have spent 14 years in this very institution, I have seen the changes that brought about in the policies and the departments that got a renovation. I am an eye witness to the very thing the teachers put up their efforts in making me what I am today! Thank you, my dear teachers and I love you!

Graduation Ceremony Speech by Female Student:

Respected Audience! Greetings and prayers from my side. It is, in fact, a matter of immense pleasure that I am being given the chance to express my feeling, thoughts, and emotions in words. It is really difficult as I am caught in the trance of the moment when I was holding my degree in these very hands! It was tough for me to get the degree, but it is always my teachers who put up their trust in me and made me stand up on my feet. The courage, determination, and love for the study were inculcated in me by my teachers. I owe a great deal of respect for my teachers and a caring attitude towards my fellow beings, as without them I would not be able to think straight in the midst of my confusion, anxiety, and depression. Thank you all of you!

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