Welcome Address for Students by Principal

Here are Easy formats of Welcome Speech. Every Student can use these formats according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Welcome Address for Students by Principal

Dear Students, Good Morning everyone!
As being a Principal of XYZ school, I extend a very warm welcome to all of my students present here on the Sports Day Function. I have always emphasized on the extracurricular activities of the students in the school. My beliefs are not limited to the education of books but it extends to physical fitness and sports as great activity for the children. I am a great advocate for children’s upbringing in the right environment. It is our obligation as a school to motivate our students to participate in sports and explore their talents. It does not just give a boost to an individual’s health but boost to confidence, self-esteem and build their morale high. It gives me massive joy to see my students winning national level tournaments just because of the training we provide in our school system. This sports function’s purpose is to encourage more students to invoke their interest in sports and participate in various kinds of games. Thank you all students for coming and joining us here today.

Thank you.

Welcome Address by School Chairman

Dearest Students,
I am excited to welcome the new batch to the school. I feel privileged to lead such an energetic and intelligent student of this school. We offer different opportunities to the students to grow their self in a safe environment. We have separate societies for students by students to build confidence and for psychological help. Mental illness is not joking to us and that is the reason we have a separate society for the people who are depressed and not feeling well. We don’t want any of our students to feel neglected and that is the reason our school is highly ranked in working on each and every student, individually. We set high standards for our students so they can dream big and achieve the best. Our teachers are very dedicated and friendly. They have full certified training to be a professional teacher. Our aim here is to produce intelligent leaders, artists, and lawyers. Best wishes to my all kids and staff.

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