Short Leave Email to Boss

Short Leave Application Format. Leave Request Email to Boss

Short Leave Email to Boss


The Head of Department,

Johan  & John Pvt Ltd.

Subject: Short leave request by female employee

Dear Sir,

With utmost respect, it is stated that I need leave from office for one day. I woke up with nuisance and I feel very sick. I think there is some viral infection that is rounding up everyone one by one and it is now my turn. This throat infection is usually caused by bacteria and doctors prescribe antibiotics for it mostly. I have taken some antibiotics and I believe that I would come back to my best health soon. It is requested that please grant me leave for one day only. I have already sent the e-mails and data to the client.

Yours Truly,

Mrs Maha

Short Leave Format by Employee

Dear Madam,

It is to state with due reverence and attire that I am the employee of this office and need leave for two days from work. I have just got invitation of marriage ceremony of my cousin. I would not have taken the leave if the ceremony was not held out of station. I have to attend the marriage as my cousin is my childhood buddy and very close to my heart. It is very important for me to be with him in this celebration. I have already completed my work and have read, analyzed all the data to administration.

Yours Sincerely,

Easy Short Leave Template

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to bring this concern in your kind attention that I need leave for one day. My mother is very sick. She has been feeling very down lately and I need to take her to the specialist tomorrow. I took her to the doctor and he suggested another doctor which could handle her case more cautiously. I don’t want to take any risks with her health and that is why I have decided to take her to the best doctor and his clinic is located far from my house. This is the reason that I need leave for one day only.

Yours Faithful,


Short Leave Format by Student

Respected Sir,

With utmost respect, it is stated that I am the student of 7th class of section A in this school. I study with all the concentration and is very punctual. I have never taken off without informing or without any serious reason. It is to inform you that I have kidney pain from two days and I need to get it checked by doctor. I will be going to a doctor and get my thorough check up done. It would be very kind of you to give me leave for one day only. I shall be very grateful. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Obediently,

Alizy Goerg

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