Leave Email to Principal

Sample E-Mail Format Of An Application For Grant Of Leave.Necessary changes can be done according to requirement.

Leave Email to Principal

Respected Principal,

With utmost respect and humble submission I would like to state that my son cannot come to school for two days. He has been very sick lately. He is having persistent vomiting, nothing seems to be digesting in his stomach. I have taken him to the doctor and he has prescribed some dosages to him which are causing him very drowsy and sleepy. The doctor has advised him total bed rest and not stress about anything. My son is grade holder and always worries about study and this could be the reason that due to study tension, anxiety kicked in.

Yours Faithful,


Leave Email to Principal by Father

Respected Teacher,

This is to inform you that I am writing this e-mail to notify you about my son’s absence. He is the student of class five in your prestigious school. He is leaving with his mother to attend the wedding. It’s a very close wedding ceremony and he would be back to the school after wedding ends. This is my kind request to you to please grant him leave for one day only. He is a very punctual and intelligent student and never take off without any reason from school. He will complete his pending school work, once he is back from wedding. Thank you for consideration.

Warm Regards,


Leave Email to School by Mother

Respected Principal,

I am writing this formal application to bring the reason of my daughter’s absence from school. My daughter have eaten something spoilt and rotten from school and she has been sick a lot lately. She is bed ridden and vomits all the time. Doctor has advised complete rest and clean diet for her. Doctor suspect it is food poisoning that is why its acute attack has caused disturbance in her stomach. I am attaching all the official prescriptions from the doctor and reports for your satisfaction. She is unable to attend school so kindly grant her leave for one day only.

Yours Truly,


Easy Format of Leave Email

Dear Principal,

I am writing this e-mail in great hasten as my daughter has been slipped from the stairs and sustained some major injuries. She cannot come to school for maximum three days because of her severe condition. I will attach all the doctors note detailing injuries sustained. He has informed us to opt for good hospitals for her thorough check up and should consult specialist for minor surgery. He hand has been fractured and doctor has given it a name of “Avulsion fracture” in which muscle or ligament pulls on the bone, fracturing it. Therefore, please permit her leave for three days.

Yours Well Wisher,


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