Emergency Email to Boss

Email Leave Application format for Emergency Leave from Office.Necessary changes can be done according to requirement.

Emergency Email to Boss

Dear Ma’am,

I am writing this email in compelling situation, it is to inform you that I need to take an emergency leave. I am taking this abrupt leave due to some dire family business. My sister is not really well and I have to go to check on her. This is a family issue that is why I need to take leave as soon as possible. I have informed my team about the procedures and rules for work. My absence would not cause any disturbance in the schedule as I have already dictated my team. Please permit me leave as early as possible.

Yours Sincerely,


Emergency Leave Email by Employee

Dear Boss,

I will like to notify you that I need to take an emergency leave on urgent basis. I received a call this afternoon about the accident of my brother and I could not breathe at the moment. I have been informed that he has been taken to hospital. He is my younger brother and always been piece of my heart. I cannot even imagine something happens to him. I need to leave for the hospital as early as possible so I could know what actually really happen and in what condition is. I hope you consider my request and understand my circumstances.

Best Regards,

Emergency Leave Email by Junior Employee

Dear Sir,

I am employee of this prestigious and respective company and work under assistance director domain. It is to inform you that I have never taken leave since my joining but due to my sudden sickness, I would be taking emergency leave. I just had blood vomiting and my body temperature is also not normal. As you know that blood vomiting is symptom of many serious diseases such as cancer and liver cirrhosis. I would go for thorough checkup tomorrow. Therefore, please issue me leave foe one day only. I would return back to work as soon as I am in good condition.

Warm Regards,


Easy Template of Emergency Leave

Respected Sir,

I am writing this mail with very heavy heart. It is to inform you that I just received a call that my mother is not in good condition and just had a heart stroke. It is her first heart attack and everyone is shocked that how everything happened in a blink of eye. I need emergency leave for three day for now. I would inform the administration about the availability on following days. This is my request to you to please consider my request and permit me leave as early as possible so I can see my mother and be there with my family at this crucial time.

Best Regards,



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