New Year Greeting Messages

New Year Greeting Message from a Student:

Respected Madam,

Greetings for a good day ahead! I am Ms. Meringa John, the alumni of this valued institute and an old student of yours. I am here, as usual, to wish you with the words of my heart and feel of my soul. Today is a daybreak for a new day, a new chapter of life is going to start, and 2019 has taken its start! On this happiest day, I wish you the very happy New Year. I hope and pray that you may live a life as per your standard and will. Amen.

New Year Greeting Message from a Teacher:

Dear children!

How are you all? This is not a sunny morning, but still you are gathered in the assembly area. You know why? Yes! It is the very first day of 2019! You call it a New Year! I wish you the very happy New Year! My message for all of you is that you must make a resolution coined as New Year resolution and guide yourself towards the true learning and yes off course make efforts to turn yourselves into better human beings. Happy New Year to you and to your family! Live long and happy life! Good luck!

New Year Greeting Message from an Employee:

Respected Sir,

How are you? For every human being, new day means new life! What is gone is always remembered as Past and it is good to forget about the Past and keep in mind the future! I wish and request to please see forward and remove all the ills of the people you have suffered from at the hand of the administration. Carry on with the new streak of the new day of 2019 and enjoy your future with love, care and health. Happy New Year to your family as well. Regards.

New Year Greeting Message from the Employer:

Valued Staff members!

How are you? I hope you will be fine in your blessed life with sparkle of love and shimmer of happiness glued with the unity of your family, friends and loved ones. Today is the first day of New Year! On this day, I wish you success, joy, love, care, affection, wealth and health. New Year does not mean a new day, a timed 24 hour zone, but it is a pack of time for you, your family, your dreams, your careers, your ambitions and your strengths. Show the world what you really are and prove them that you are no less than them! Good Luck!

New Year Greeting Message from a Chairman:

Honorable faculty members!

Greetings! I hope you all will be fine. As you know, we all are aware from the coming challenges of this year as past has not completely aborted from the present, so right now we are all in a mixed situation and so our lives are! Am I right?  We have to stack the older burden and pull up our socks to greet the new sales target, the New Year, for us, is not a new day only, but jammed pack work routine and hectic work pressure. Happy New Year!

New Year Greeting Message from a Principal:

Dear Teachers!

How are you all? I hope you will be fine and doing well in your lives! Teaching is not easy job, as the world has started to realize its importance, each day comes with new duties and after putting or full energies and transferring our knowledge to the young minds, you can take a sigh of relief and take respite from the tiresome work load. Teachers! When you are done with work, then and only then enjoy and this is the crux of New Year. Happy New Year to all of you!


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