Is man fate bound?

Is a man’s fate bounded? Man is the Architect of his own fate.

Is man fate bound?

Fate is a huge term and is very interesting, but equally controversial. There are always two types of people on the basis of whom, the world could be divided into two distinct groups: the world of winners and the world of losers. The world of winners is not in favour of any hurdle or obstacle as for them the word ‘impossible’ is not known to them as Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the famous leader who founded Pakistan in way back 1947! He was the man of intellect and firm determination. What he did, the world witness it! He belongs to the world of winners where famous, writers, singers, architect, musicians, film makers, scientists are included. These people too were blessed with fate and the machinery of fate do act upon them, but with firm resolve and solid determination they tend to drop off the magnitude of fatality into immortality.
As far as the world of losers are concerned, they reach nowhere as they are religiously ‘fate-bound’ they depend on the element of ‘chance’ that definitely come to ruin their fate as famous writer Thomas Hardy quoted in many of his novels. He is of the opinion that man is fate bound and is never free, but in my own personal opinion, fate do have some effect on the person’s life, but human will is free and that is what matters!

It is person’s own decision whether he wants to be a part of world of losers to whom no one recognize or he wants to be fit into the circle of the winners. A loser can be a winner if he sits and acts upon on the lives of winners as ‘sit with the winners, the conversation will be different’ so think wisely.

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