I Am on Leave Messages by Employee

I am on Leave Messages by Employee

1. Good Morning! I received your message regarding update of mega project set up. I really appreciate your follow up but I am on leave nowadays so please ask Manager of the office.

2. Good Afternoon! I am receiving a lot of customer’s complaints from past week on my work portal. Please direct these complaints to another worker. As, I am on leave for 1 week due to sickness.

3. Hi! I am on leave due for three days, if you have any problem regarding work. Feel free to contact this given number.

4. Hi! Good Afternoon! I respect your prompt reply on the feedback and complaint criteria but I would not be able to assist you further on this deal because I am on work leave as I have really personal issue going on.

5. Hi! I hope you are having a good day! I want to bring this in your attention that please call on our helpline and complaint to another CR for your problem as I had to go on urgent leave. I wish I could assist you further and resolve your issue but my mother is not well and I have to
take care of her.

6. Good Morning! This is really a good news that we have achieved our set goal! For further guidance on the project, please contact Mr. Dev and he will assist your further future goals. I am currently on leave and very busy with my family. I hope you understand. Keep up the Good work!

7. Hello! Good morning! I received your message earlier today, it is to inform you that I am on sick leave and I don’t have list of current customer’s criteria. Please ask someone else to bring that to you and you may resume your work.

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