Emergency Leave Messages to Manager

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Emergency Leave Messages to Manager

1. Hi Sir, I hope you are having a good day! I cannot make it to the office today because my wife got really sick and she has not been conscious for past 12 hours. She is admitted in hospital. Please accept my leave for today.

2. Hello Sir, Good afternoon! I want to bring this to your attention that my sister met a terrible accident and has gotten severe injuries and also broker her ribs. I cannot come to office today. Please permit me urgent leave for two days.

3. Good Morning! I am regretfully informing you that earlier this morning I got a panic attack and since then I am not feeling like doing anything so please approve my leave for today.

4. I am informing you this on emergency level that my sister is admitted in hospital and it would not be possible for me to come to the meeting today! I hope to manage everything and appoint someone else to attend the meeting.

5. Hi, please approve my request as I have to leave urgently from the office because my uncle got a severe heart attack. I will do extra shift on Monday for sure. Please accept my request.

6. Hi! I hope you are having a good day! This is to bring in your keen attention that I would not be available for work today as I have been called for viva of the exam.

7. Hello! Good morning! This is to inform you urgently that my car has stopped working and its engine stuck. Therefore, I cannot make it to the office today. Please accept my leave.

8. Hi! I have met a very dreadful and horrific accident just now. My car is in a very bad shape and the other person in vehicle has gotten some injuries so I have to take him to the hospital. Please accept my leave.

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