Merry Christmas Greeting Messages

Sample Messages for Christmas.Short Christmas Wishes for Teachers. Easy Format of Christmas Messages are available here.

Merry Christmas Greeting Messages

Respected Class Teacher!

How are you madam? I hope you will be happy and blessed in your beautiful life. On this Christmas, I wish you Merry Christmas to you madam! You are as pretty as this day and you have done which is not done by anyone. I still remember your extra time and a generous touch of affection when I needed it the most. I am grown up man now, but the child in me still calls for you. If you permit me, can I see you in person? Please give me a call on my number +87654-87654. Merry Christmas again!

Respected Mr. Andrew Martin!

Greetings! This is a day which is full of love, care, laughter, spice, wise, kermis and affection. This is day of our beloved Jesus Christ! On this day, I wish you a happy life which is filled with prime, health, wealth, love, care, happiness, peace and harmony. I pray for you the unity of your family, the obedience of your offspring, power of your spouse and care of your parents. Least but not the last, I pray the Almighty to be remain the same for you for the rest of your life! Amen.

Respected Madam!

Greetings! I am Ms. Amrita Rind. You will definitely be not known to my name as you are an inspiration for millions of girls like me. I was a participant in the workshop that you had chaired last month. I saw you there and the famous quote came to my mind “she came, she saw, she conquered!” My Christmas could never be completed and merry without wishing you. I wish you a life full of moral uprightness, peaceful, harmonious and charmed with intellect and wisdom. In reverse, I wish the life, you and only you as you are as precious as life itself is! Love you!

Respected Sir!

On this auspicious day of 25th December, I wish you a life which is full of happiness and relief. This day is not only the day to rejoice, have fun and eating platters over platters, but this day also remind us the sense of sacrifice, care, share and lending a helping hand towards the needy and the poor. On this day, we all must share our things in terms of food and happiness with the ones who need it the most. We must visit the orphan houses and the old houses and donate our time to them. Merry Christmas!


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