Article Regarding Significance of Education

Article Regarding Significance of Education

Education is medium through which skills and special knowledge is acquired. It is, in fact, a constant effort of the older generation to transfer their knowledge and skills to the younger generation. This transfer of skills and information requires a medium and that medium is education.

Education is not just books, novels, poetry etc., but it is a way of living. The mean to teach their young ones their values, national spirits, patriotism, customs, eating manners, discipline, artistic behavior, dealings with others and to himself. Education is everything!

Education shapes the future of people. A learned and well-educated person is bound to touch the sky as it’s his limit. A learned person knows the importance of communication and cope up with other aspects of life while it is very difficult for the illiterate person to understand and communicate well with others. Education make it possible for the person to talk, to analyze and take steps to improve his lifestyle.

Modern education teaches reason and critical thinking. It is an ardent follower of Bloom’s taxonomy that is the harbinger of 5 levels: knowledge, understanding, application, analysis, and evaluation. These are hard nuts to crack as each term is linked with the last one that is evaluation and it is not easy to crack. The person who is educated must be well versed in acquiring the skill of evaluating. As life impose certain situations that are unpredictable but needs an extreme mental presence in order to analyze and evaluate them.

Education provides that very base and teaches the basics of life on grounds of how, when and where to talk and where to hold yourself. Education plays a vital role in shaping a person into a successful being and sets landmarks for future life.

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