Article Regarding Sewerage Pollution

Article Regarding Sewerage Pollution

Human history is un-named and hence cannot be ‘understood’ completely. The journey started way back from cavemen, they were lesser in numbers and were least conscious of their food and habitat. The living style that they adopted was very simple. All they need is raw food; it can be in shape of fruits, vegetables or meat itself. They hunt for animals.

The fire was discovered! This discovery really turned the face of human history towards something newer, something wider. The cavemen with the passage of time became civilized. They built houses. They started eating cooked food. They added up spices in it. Everything changed! And so were the problems of human as well.

In early civilization of human history, the human waste was duck in the fields, thus providing natural ammonia as fertilizer to the crops and got rid of number of diseases that are born in today’s world. There was no concept of ‘attach bathrooms’ in any of the houses. Slowly it was made a compulsory part of every architecture.

Disease erupted like a fun time! Fatal ailments came into being just because the close connection of pipes of sewerage and clean drinking water!  The two waters get mingles up and nobody bothers to change the living style or building style at all! The sewerage gives rise to tasteless and harmful growth of vegetables, fruits, and even the poultry and livestock farming. It affected everyone and everything but the nonsense is still going on without any further halt in the coming future.

Modern world is emphatically in favour of recycling, but the question arises ‘can sewerage be recycled?’ if yes, what is good for? In my opinion, waste should be dump outside the houses and workplaces as it would have two advantages, rise in natural fertilizer and the healthy walk to reach the destination of ‘need.’

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