Article Regarding Education as Means of Change

Article Regarding Education as Means of Change

The world is full of puns and paradoxes. It gives life within life, a play within a play. Poverty, corruption, inequality, injustice, illness, sickness and illiteracy plagued this beautiful world called the planet earth.

Human life is balanced due to unbalance. Few are rich, many are poor, others are mediocre, but all live in the same environment, same atmosphere, and same world. Everything is for everyone and nothing is for no one. This unbalance is not permanent and it does not stick to rule of NEVER CHANGE but in fact, the world is constituent on the very rule of ONLY CHANGE IS PERMANENT!

If a poor person wants to become rich, he has all rights to do so, no one will stop him. The only thing that he must adopt is to get a good education in order to step forward on the staircase of life which is ever winding. Corruption can be the barrier for such a person, but it too can be eliminated with the beacon of knowledge and guided education.

There are many people in this world who are aware of the power of education and they change the face of the world with this strongest weapon. There are many who were poor or belong to very humble status, but they stood steadfast and bare the harshness of life. These are the people who are the true helper and they are the ones who want to guide others on how to get themselves prepare in life and hatch the unhatched eggs of torture, obstacles, and torments.

Educated people are the real agents of change and after bringing change in themselves they change the face of the world. They are renowned names now and paved the paths for others to follow in their lives.

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