Sample Half Day Leave Messages

Samples half day leave messages for students. All students from school/colleges/universities can use these easy formats of sms/messages/text according to need.

Leave Message due to Eye Checkup

Dear Sir,

Since last few days, something is wrong with eyes. I have a severe eye infection and want to see the doctor today. For that, I need half day leave.
Student of——-

Leave Message due to Sudden Pain in Shoulder

Respected ma’am

I’m not feeling well due to this sudden pain in my shoulder. And I’m unable to sit in the class kindly allow me to go home.


Leave Message due to Medical Checkup

Hello Sir,

I want to ask you for a short leave today due to my monthly medical checkup. Tomorrow I have 3 tests so I can’t shift it on tomorrow or a day after tomorrow. Kindly allow me.
Thanks now and later.
Dipika Singh

Leave Message due to Stomach Infection

Dear Sir,

I have been suffering from bad stomach issues since last few days. So, I decided to visit the near hospital they’ve asked me to take multiple tests. I need half day leave for this purpose.

Best Regards,
Ritika Singh

Leave Message due to Sister’s Admission

Hello Madam,

Hope you are doing well. I need half day leave due to my sister’s admission in college I have to go with her. Please allow me to take half day leave.Thanks in advance.

Yours Obediently,

Leave Message due to Appendix Pain

Dear Ma’am,

I have to go to the hospital due to intense pain. After reaching there they told me that it’s not a normal pain. I’m suffering from appendix pain. I’m really sorry I couldn’t tell you earlier just because of the hustle and panic. All what  I’m asking for half day leave.

Thanks and Regards,

Gorge Hannery

Leave Message due to Sudden Death in the Family

Respected sir,

I have to go home due to the sudden death in our family. I just received a call from my mother and she is asking me to come home. Kindly understand my situation allow me to go home.

Best Regards,
Gupta Singh
A-Levels Senior

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