Leave Application For House Renovation

Sample Leave Application for Renovation of House.Easy templates of Leave application for House Renovation is provided below.

Leave Application for Professionals

The Manager,
Elma Associations.

Sub: Leave Application for House Renovation

Respected Sir,

In a submissive, I am writing to inform you that I require to leave from office for 3 days on account of my house’s renovation. You know that monsoon has arrived and my house is currently not in a condition to bear this drastic rainy season. So before any other bigger loss, I need some spare time to get it amended. I request you to kindly sanction me leave for the mentioned time.
I shall be thankful and beholden.


John Cruise

Assistant Manager Administration
Date: 9/2/16

Easy Format for Students

The Principal,
Saint Marry School System.

Sub: Leave Application for House Renovation


With respect, it is stated that I am not able to come to school for nearly two days. The reason is, my father has initiated the work of house renovation and we are shifting to my Grandparents home for the specific time. The traveling distance is huge from there. Therefore, I request you to please grant me leave for two days. I shall be thankful to you.

Yours Obediently,

Nick Ramsay
Grade 4th
Date: 8/31/16

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