Leave Application For Festival

Sample Leave Application format for(Spring,Cultural)Festival.Necessary changes can be done according to Requirement.Templates of Leave Application for Festival are provided below.

Leave Application for Professionals

The Manager,

Fredrick’s Association.

Sub: Leave Application for Festival

Respected Sir,

With great respect and pleasure it is stated that the local festival of spring by the native residents of my town is being arranged in the next week. Sir, this festival is of utmost importance in our culture and is celebrated once in a year. In order to attend this year, I want you to please grant me leave for 2 days. I would make chance for me to visit my family too. Please consider my request, I shall be highly grateful.


Ali Khan

Sales Officer

Date: 9/3/16

Easy Format for Students

The Principal,

Bloomfield School System.

Sub: Leave Application for Festival

Respected Sir,

It is stated that deep respect that, I have got admission in this prestigious institution on minority basis. Sir, I am Nepali and belong to a different culture. In the next week, we are arranging the native festival of ours at home. Therefore, I would be requiring leave for a day. I request you to kindly grant me leave. I shall be intensely thankful.

Yours Obediently,

Gyan Esnan

Grade 8th

Date: 9/3/16

Easy Template to attend the Festival


The Management,

Wilburton High School, New York.

Subject: Application to attend the Festival

Respected Sir,

With regards, it is stated that our state is organizing Science festival on 12.07.2018. It would be very informative. This festival carries scientific lectures and panel discussions as well. I would like to request you to grant me a leave for two days so, that I can be able to attend the scientific festival. No doubt it would be good learning experience for me. As a science teacher it’s a need of hour to up to date my knowledge in this modern age.

If you consider my request it would be honor for me.

Yours Truly,

Miss Tina

Science subject Teacher

Date: 7.6.2018

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